Here are what some of my clients have to say:

Before meeting with Lisa, I had no energy and I had gained a lot of weight. Lisa had a few dietary suggestions and gave me some vitamin and herbal recommendations. After making these small changes I have my energy back, and I lost two dress sizes without dieting and exercising. I feel so much better.
Sabina Talybova

I had chronic acid reflux and a sense that something was in my throat, making swallowing difficult. After making a few dietary changes, my acid reflux was so much better. The throat problem went away. I also lost weight. Thank you, Lisa.

As a busy full-time working mother of two, I initially made an appointment with Lisa hoping to gain some advice on which vitamins/supplements to buy as I wanted to start taking vitamins thinking it would help with my ‘lack of energy and motivation’. 

I met with Lisa in the privacy of her beautiful home which in itself was a relaxing experience.  Lisa assessed my deep pulse and was able to tell me my current energy state and where to focus my energy.  At the time, I was only practicing yoga as my main source of exercise, but Lisa suggested that I do more of a cardio workout to help alleviate some of my mental racing energy.  I added regular walking to my exercise schedule.  Lisa also recommended lots more rest and more balanced meals, giving me advice about how to do this easily without too much extra work as I have limited time.  She showed me some products, gave me some recipes and shared with me some tricks to make implementing the changes easier.  Lisa also recommended I have my labs checked to see what vitamins and supplements would help me, and sure enough most of my essential vitamin levels were off.  My Vitamin D, B12 and Iron levels were low, and so it was not surprising I was feeling so exhausted all the time.  Additionally, I was not feeding my body what it needed in terms of rest, exercise and food, and so it was not surprising, I was feeling unbalanced and unmotivated all the time. 

I am thankful to Lisa who was able to help me understand what needed to change in my life to bring me the strength to be able to handle my busy day-to-day schedule.  I have lots more work to do and I don’t always do what I know is needed – eat right, sleep right and exercise, but at least I have the tools I need and have seen the dramatic changes that can occur when I do what I know makes the difference.


I have been meeting with Lisa regularly for nearly a year now. I was not sure what to expect, but I had a number of health concerns that I was hoping to address. The most severe concerns were gastrointestinal in nature. Lisa has worked to determine what is going on in my unique system and has suggested various dietary changes, supplements, and herbs to strengthen and balance – within a few weeks, I began to notice an improvement and now I feel that I am in control of the situation.  Lisa’s quiet, unassuming nature and ability to use Ayurvedic methods to ascertain my current state of health and then to suggest ways to correct and improve imbalances have been extremely helpful to me in regaining my health. It’s definitely a process and not something that happens overnight; Lisa stresses that point and provides ways for her clients to participate actively in the cultivation of their own well-being. I have found the Ayurvedic approaches (herbs, spices, supplements, foods) that Lisa recommends to be extremely pleasant and not “medicinal” in the least. I actually enjoy using them and I am very pleased with the results so far. I would certainly recommend consulting with Lisa!


My 11 year old daughter has been suffering with eczema and stomach aches for years.  She has been prescribed medicines such as topical steroid creams of various strengths for the skin problem and antacids or anti-diarrhea for the stomach aches.  The creams and ointments helped a little, but we could tell they were only masking the problem. The stomach issues were never really addressed by the medications.  I finally consulted with Lisa Cohen when the symptoms seemed out of control.

Immediately there was a difference in the treatment of these problems. The first difference was the care and concern that Lisa conveyed.  She clearly wanted to help heal my daughter.  Then she took the whole person into consideration, not just the symptoms.  Her suggestions and remedies included some life changing actions, such as a change in diet including implementing the use of supplements.  Yet, she took the time to help us figure out how to make the changes and to view them positively. And Lisa also continues to reassure us when we have questions about how to put into practice the recommendations she has provided.

The best part of this experience is that my daughter is feeling better.  Her skin is clearer, and her stomach complaints have practically disappeared.  And with Lisa’s help she is taking responsibility for her own health.  Feeling better has changed her outlook on how and what she eats and shown her that she can have a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy treats that don’t make her feel sick.

Thanks Lisa!


"Lisa listened deeply and helped summarize my words and thoughts in such a provocative way that meaningful insights were revealed to me. She is a professional and skillful coach, capable of supporting her clients through complex change."
Carol R.
Seminary student

Lisa is a strong, stable person. Her curiosity made me able to find my true goal; not necessarily the one I thought it would be. Lisa's stability gave me support while I was searching my reasons for wanting to reach my goal. She made me feel secure while deciding where I was and where I needed to go. Lisa was firm in helping me to uncover any blocks in the way of reaching my goal. She always helped me find a solid, reasonable step to take each time we met. Lisa was tough, without judgment, in her support of holding me accountable for achieving my goal. Thank you, Lisa.
Jan Smyth
Personal Trainer

Lisa, You wouldn’t believe how much more I’m getting done since we worked on focusing. Your “no-nonsense” approach helped me identify some core problem areas that were holding me back. And the best part is that I can apply those methods to other things I want to accomplish. Your firm expectation that I would do what I set out for myself really motivated me to jump some hurdles. Thanks for such a beneficial experience.
Sandra Humphrey, Ph.D.

Dear Lisa, Just a brief note to thank you for your fine coaching advice on my lack of energy at certain points during the day. After going over my daily schedule, you helped me to discover a sleeping problem. You recommended some things I could change and implement to improve my sleep. I eliminated TV and computer work in less than one hour before bed time. My sleep time and quality of sleep improved dramatically. My energy level went up as my sleep improved. Thank you again,
Richard Nelson
President of My Achilles Heel

I was lucky to have the wonderful opportunity to be coached by Lisa Cohen in the amazing holistic ayurvedic process. Being totally unfamiliar with this approach, I thought it could be difficult and strange. Lisa taught me a great deal of information. It was very practical and also very deep. I am so happy I had the coaching and special one on one meetings with Lisa. I feel better physically and emotionally. Actually, I feel better spiritually too. I hope she continues to assist others. She has remarkable talent in counseling her clients in ayurvedic practice.
Chana Finman
Producer of the radio show "The Jewish Hour" and artist